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Erica Waltmire » I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my order from American Floral Distributors! http://www.americanfloraldistributors.com/ The flowers were delivered on time, packaged perfectly,
Rozella » Hi there. Just passing by Dropped on yer EC.
Tyh » hey! BUZZ mko aite...
my_lulu9 » good luck ate grace!!
ize » goodluck to ur soon baby!
ize » oh wow.nice blog!
rhey » good gawd... ill get to do this at work... fun! lol
Chi » hi. just blog hopping
Maeyo » Have a good day!
Maeyo » Hi Gracia! You've been tagged!
leah » hi. have a fine day!
Infeksion » Hi Labs! which pictures? yung mga kalokohan ni superman? the link is there too but its a lil bit biger. so just change the filename to superman.zip
ohgracious! » lulu!!!! thank you! and i will tell him.
my_lulu9 » congrats ate grace!! say hi to roeven for me
rhey » hmmm... still thinking about that english translation?
rhey » ok so what happened to you>?
rhey » you're beautiful when you are drugged.. lol
rhey » why were you sick?
rhey » hoy
rhey » hoy
rhey » kiss kiss hug hug
rhey » we are all sleeping...zzzzzzzzzzz
She » your radioblog is wicked!!! -juss passd by & stayed a while to listen at your wayyy classic songs. tc. bye
kz » hi ate gracie. i thought i'd say hi! looks like fun at the wedding!! hehehe. when's yours?
Fernando » Sou do Brasil e estive visitando o seu blog.
herbert » hello from germany, visit my site please
tyh » dont u miss me??? huhuhuhu
L a i L a » happy belated birthday
L a i L a » happy belated birthday girlie
queenz » hey Ate Grace.. i found that spa on the net: http://tcmspa.com/ i went to the at Bloor.. or try this too for other options: http://toronto.wayspa.com/
rhegg » nice... very simple and nice layout. visit mine too, leave a message. thanx.
L a i L a » congrats btw and see ya very soon girlie
L a i L a » hey im comin back next month. see u then on d 20th extremely happy for u ... i can tell ur so psyched. tell me more wen i reach
Camille =) » yeee!!!! i'm sooo happy for you ate!!! 'bout time, eh? he was worth all the wait, wasn't he? yay!! all the best & more to you guys! mwahz!! Love Yah!!
oh gracious! » KAYE: hahahaha! FOO: walang pera!
foo » sakto pengeng piso.
kaye » featureddddd!! =)
rhey » hellow...
rhey » muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah. muah.
Meri » ATE G!!!!!!! sumeseksi ka ata.
palpak » Boo padaan walele guys laro kayo neto http://world2.monstersgame.co.uk/?ac=vid&vid=3 1008388 <-- cool yan lolz
rhey » ganyan talaga pag inlove... walang time magblog.
rhey » girl power!!! woohoo...
gracious! » gising na po. hehehe
gracious! » HAHAHAHAHA! dapat lang, magkakadikot pa naman ang "U,I,O" lagot ka! HAHAHAHAHAH!
gab3 » hahaha. mag-iingat na lang ako sa pag-spell.
gracious! » hahahahaha! ok chingu it is! HAHAHAHAHAHH! parang chonggo! but in a cuter term! WAHHAHAHAHHAHA!
gab3 » thanks chingu. i can call you my chingu, right?
gracious! » wahahahaahaaha! i know!
gab3 » nyak. those were korean words and didn't come out right. romanized, the first one was 'oppa' and the next 'chagiya.'
gab3 » how about finding my &#50612;&#48736; for me? i'd love having someone call me &#51089;&#51060;&#50556;. hehe.
gracious! » hahaha! my pleasure!
gab3 » oh gracious! thanks for welcoming me to your new home.
justG » awww mama rhey. *hugs tight* *punas luha and uhog* heheheh! kisskissmuahmuah!
rhey » *hugs mama g* *sniff*
justG » hoy sexy! tara. san tayo mag memeet? or should i pick you up? HAHAHAH! call me okay. LOL! xoxoxoxo!
rhey » hoy taba! hehe lets go shopping. you gotta help me get some good boots.
justG » heheheheh! okay. e hoy or pssst?! its classic. ahahahah!
gab3 » gab, gabgabgab, gab3 or gabe. it's up to you.
gab3 » hi g.
soosern; » heyss, just blog hopping. nice blog =]. you know the song playing on this blog? did you bf sing thiss ? it's sweet =)
Camille » hi ateh! just droppin' by to say HI & I MISS YOU!!! take good care of yourself! mwahz! I HEART YOO ATEH!
Camille » hi ateh! just droppin' by to say HI & I MISS YOU!!! take good care of yourself! mwahz! I HEART YOO ATEH!
justG » HAHAAAH! i will. promise!
rhey » hey next time you go out, bring me!!!
queenz » hi ate grace! musta na? thanx for dropin by.. i've updated ur link on my link-list
Tyh »
Laila » hey girl, if ur free before wednesday night, let me know. maybe we can have dinner b4 i fly out to dubai.
tita ninang » hi G, kumusta ka na? its seems like years na no his and hellows.... i know ur always busy with ur PAPA.... take care always... miss you much....
Chris` » o i forgot guess who!! ^__^
Chris` » o man its been a long time since i've been here =P
justG » will do. ~_^ciao! have a good flight if i dont see you before you go.
Laila » its was nice meeting u. u looked lovely as always. see u soon again before i fly out & dont forget that we fly go to dubai one time haha!
justG » that's ok. are we on for tonight?
Laila » oooppps, sorry girl. +16473009008 .. yea..ive counted that 2x. ish ok now...haha
justg » laila - dude! phone number was missing 1 digit. lol.
justg » laila - dude! phone number was missing 1 digit. lol.
Laila » hey girl...got ur email. emailed u rite back. call me if u can iight?
Tyh » aweeeeeeeeeeee sa wakas nakita ko na din ang new BLOG.. hahhaha touchy-touchy naman ako.. hehehe muah! miss yah girl...
Janet » Pakner!!! long time no talk! amp! buhay pa ako! hahaha mwahugs
manang bolarhey » hehe yeah! woooooooahho
justG » welcome back old one took me good 4 hours to fix everything!
tyh » wat happened??? huhuhu
tyh » waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah kinakalimutan mo na ako... huhu hindi mo pa binasa ung email ko sayo... HURT ako grabeh... ano bang nangyayari???
rhey » you msgd me sa friendster pero banned nman ang friendster sa uae... so i couldnt read it...
justG » MERI the end na ang chapter namin. masakit. sobrang mahal ko. sigh... *sniff*
justG » MAMA *hugs*...sobs. huhuhuhu ='(
meri » ooy anu ngyre ate g??
rhey » mama g... dito tayo... tabi tayo... *hugs* *sniff*
Shedevil » Hey love your pics, cool blog peace
guess hu? » halo
jay » dali wats ur email?
jay » oist.. ano pala email add mo?
Janet » pakner!!! what happened?!?!?!
karina » tee hee! ang ganda naman! you should visit sauble beach. its the best i've seen in canada. hehe. or the place that che goes all the time.. tobermory. i'm definitely visit that this year. hehe.
rhey » tara audition na tyao sa viva hot babes!