Entry: baby acne Wednesday, January 30, 2008

so its called baby acne. pediatrician said not to worry about anything and that it would go away by itself. i am now starting to hate that. i often tell myself when a flu hits me that this thing came by itself it will go away by itself--without having to take any medication. and now... i have to deal with it! i hate it!

i often cry when i stare at my son. i hate those "baby acne". i keep telling him that "mommy wants those to go away". sigh. it really breaks my heart into pieces. :'( i hope it all goes away--PRONTO!

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February 3, 2008   09:21 PM PST
Hey hun, hope everything's ok. Haven't seen anything from you since you posted this. I'm sure the baby acne will go away soon. Praying for you and family. xoxo

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