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a PROUD MOM of Jonathan Xaces, a daughter, a sister, the chinelas/wifey, a best friend, aunt to 2 adorable nieces, god mother to 10 girls and a boy, a close friend to my selected few.

jill of all trades!

i love life.

i ♥ my xaces boys.

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  • Sunday, January 27, 2008

    my handsome baby boy!!!

    happy family

    oh my baby has rashes already. huhuhuhuh! i just want them to go away! damn you rashes! damn you!!! despite those nasty rashes my baby has been doing great. he's getting heavy now. he moves a lot especially when we are all asleep. hehe! i have to move him into his crib now. but its kinda hard coz i am breastfeeding. i say, we buy a bigger bed. LOL!

    anyhow, its our third week as a family and we can't wait til he's big enough to walk around! i wanna be able to play around with him in the backyard or at the play ground and take him to places. we have already planned for our family getaway. can't wait!!!

    today, hubby and i had a talk. its all out :) am glad i got those off my chest. i had to either way. i really hate dealing with my hormone changes now. grrrr! but i think i've been doing fine. am now baby blues free--i think. LOL!

    well, i just sneaked in to do some updates. i have tons of pics from my delivery on this site: JONATHAN XACES feel free to browse around.

    Posted at 6:08:37 pm by
    i know you wanna ;)  

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008
    busy mom

    jonathan xaces at 2 weeks old.

    more pics to come... as soon as i get the chance.

    Posted at 7:27:12 pm by
    i know you wanna ;)  

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008
    still up...


    i think my time has changed. or was it because i had some 2 hours of sleep this morning. hmmmm... oh well.

    baby jonathan is doing great. we had him checked up since we came home from the hospital. i was a bit worried that he might be jaundice but his doctor said he isn't. also, i noticed that he's getting a bit heavy now and he's only a week and 2 days old now. i am sooo happy. AND! i think he's getting lighter (complexion). when he came out he was ridiculously white! then changed to reddish brown and now he's getting lighter. hehehe! am just in awe everytime i stare at him. i am sooo proud of him. i just love him soooo. i am the happiest mother in the whole wide world! my baby boy is healthy, normal and oh sooo handsome! hehehehe! GOD gave me more of what i wished for. HE is really good.

    i haven't had any chance to upload the pictures from my camera. its just that the travelling from our bedroom all the way to the basement is a mission. i'll wait for a week or two. we'll see. so just hang in there.

    i also want to thank everyone who sent their support and well wishes thru facebook, texts, emails, voicemails, friendster and phone calls. and i want to thank my friends who came and visited us in the hospital--most especially sheryl and klein who stayed from the very moment my contractions started up until i was 10cm dilated! too bad they had to go just before i gave birth!!! as soon as they left i gave birth an hour later! boooooooooooo!

    anyhow, so far everything's been going great. we're now in the middle of organizing our baby boy's christening. there will be people coming from chicago and all othe places. we'll see. i'll keep you guys posted!

    Posted at 2:36:14 am by
    i know you wanna ;)  

    Thursday, January 10, 2008
    proud momma!

    meet JONATHAN XACES, born on january 6, 2008 at 9:54pm, 6.12lbs.

    more pics to come....

    Posted at 6:27:52 pm by
    i know you wanna ;)  

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